" My youngest son, Ethan, has difficulty walking due to his Down Syndrome
and getting him to his appointments and to nursery by public transport on
time had always been a struggle as I have been suffering from a frozen
shoulder for a couple of years. Having a new baby had meant it was becoming
a real toil getting around and I felt that Ethan was missing out a little.
Through the Down Syndrome Association we were advised to contact a few local
charities. Cherryhomes were fantastic. They got back to us straight away
saying they could possibly help us to buy a cargo bike. We met with two of
the trustees in our home, where they met Ethan, and they explained how they
could help us and the ethos of Cherryhomes trust in offering long term
support. Within a few weeks they had arranged for a cargo bike to be bought
for us and fitted out to our needs. We have been using the bike almost every
day since and it has transformed how we get around Cambridge, and Ethan, as
well as his brother James and his sister Lila love sitting in the box seat.
Thanks to Cherryhomes we are able to do a few more things that would otherwise
have been difficult to arrange. Thanks once again for all of your help and
support. " Marta and Paul

purchase of a cargo bike
" I first found out about Cherryhomes by picking up a leaflet up in my GP's
surgery. At the time I had just been offered a lovely new bungalow which
had been built by a Housing Trust to be fully wheelchair accessible. I have
been a wheelchair bound paraplegic for over 40 years following a road
traffic accident and my current council owned bungalow was not suitable
for my needs and unsuitable for adaptation. My wife had recently given up
work to be my full time carer and we were delighted to accept the bungalow
but concerned about how we would finance the floor coverings as The Housing
Trust were unable to supply the flooring other than that in the bathroom
but they did specify that any flooring we had put down had to meet non
slip specifications. On investigation this type of flooring was beyond our
budget so we decided to contact Cherryhomes to see if they could help. We
were assigned two Trustees from the organisation who came to our home to
meet us. To have that personal contact was brilliant because we had the
time in relaxed surroundings to discuss our problems. Furthermore the
Trustees explained that if Cherryhomes were able to help us they would
remain linked to us for as long as we needed them. This meant that they
would remain in contact with us and we would have continuity and a trusted
friend/s to speak to whenever we felt the need for advice. I don't know of
any other organisation that provides this support and it has been invaluable
to us. Cherryhomes may be small but they provide a wonderful service to
disabled people. Once the Trustees determined that they were able to help
us everything was arranged so quickly and efficiently and our flooring was
laid in time for our move. We can only liken Cherryhomes to a supportive
and knowledgeable family and I will always be glad that I picked up that
leaflet in my GP's surgery. " David
"Although Cherryhomes may be a small organisation, it is huge in terms of
the impact it has on the lives of its Sponsored Members. Aside from some
financial assistance that I received when settling into my new home, just
knowing that they are there to offer me practical advice and support
whenever required is simply invaluable." Ben

Cherryhomes Trust. Registered Charity Number: 272762