Our History

Cherryhomes was founded in 1976 by the Rev. Pat Hewat who had enabled Cherry Mann, who suffered from a progressive wasting disease, to escape life in what was then called a Geriatric Ward and live an independent life in her own home. He promised that he would do the same for other disabled people, and so Cherryhomes was born.

Rev. Pat Hewat Rev. Pat Hewat
Cherry Mann Cherry Mann

How We Work

People are introduced to Cherryhomes by friends, family, Health and Social Services or they may contact the Trust themselves. Once adopted by the Trust, they are accepted as sponsored members for life or as long as they wish. For continuity, one liaison trustee is appointed to help each sponsored member. The sponsored member is free to call on that trustee at any time as an independent friend, adviser or helper. It is this personal contact and friendship which distinguishes the operation of the Trust.
Trustees are chosen for their personal qualities, knowledge and experience of various walks of life. Cherryhomes has a unique contribution to make. In every case the Trust works with and complements the provisions of the Health and Social Services. Perhaps the most important gifts it can offer are time, which busy statutory departments cannot always afford, and the ability to consider all problems from the point of view of the sponsored member and his or her family.

Cherryhomes Trust. Registered Charity Number: 272762